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advantages and disadvantages of co-working spaces

being a freelancer, i was reluctant to invest in a new space and furniture. soon i got the idea of coworking spaces. i visited a couple of them and in fact liked the idea of sharing a space to work. most of the offices were plush with modular furniture, and i could sit wherever i wanted. but, before vouching for the idea full-fledged, i decided to check the advantages and disadvantages of co-working spaces.

? there are chances that you could find people with valuable skills that would prove beneficial for you in the long run.
? with a dedicated workspace, you will feel accountable and establish a routine. in this way, you will be able to get the work done.
? in a co-working arrangement, you have the flexibility of sharing amenities like built-in wifi, conference rooms, contemporary modular furniture, modular workstation manufacturers in pune, kitchens and break rooms in a fraction of the cost.
? co-working spaces could be a source of inspiration as you are not confined to your space and can find ways to stimulate your creativity.
? if you find the co-working environment exciting you could use it as the foundation of your company culture. you could learn and utilise the things you learn from your co-working environment and benefit from them in future.


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