50 mm f-mount lens & line scan camera for colour sorter machine

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balaji microtechnologies (bmt) is india's no. 1 manufacturer & supplier of high speed rgb ccd line scan camera, c-mount machine vision lens & f-mount machine vision lenses which are good for use in bi-chromatic & tri chromatic colour sorter machine. the company design & manufacture complete electronics for color sorter machine.

with strong in-house r&d & design efforts, our 35 mm f mount lenses are developed with optimal precision techniques & comes with very less camera price, low distortion & produce high quality images. our 50 mm f mount lens are actively implemented in variety of applications like in machine vision, color sorter, its/surveillance & medical imaging applications & many others etc.

our line scan cameras & camera lenses are very well tested & integrated in large number of camera
based color sorter machines, ideal choice for:

1. monochromatic colour sorter machines for object like rice etc.
2. bi-chromatic & trichromatic application for multi-grain color sorter applications.

for more information please visit product page http://www.balaji-microtechnologies.com/colour-sorter.html

sales contact:
office tel:- +91-129-4006203, +91-129-6561300
office mobile:- +919643047670
skype id(for product inquiry): bmt.overseas
whatsapp(for product inquiry): +919643047670
email (product inquiry):- [email protected]

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